Gospel songs for a good cause.

Howdy folks,
In the past week we lost my grandmother Patty Beem. Before her passing she asked that I record a few of her favorite gospel songs for her to enjoy. I have here the result of a session me and the boys did
Matt Codina - Guitar
Jonny Bowler - Bass
J Brook Emelio - Drums
with the help of engineer Paul Inder
I had thought about what to do with these tracks and have decided to offer them for a limited time as an MP3 download to those interested for $5.00USD via Dropbox.
I am accepting payment via Paypal as a gift to the account eddieclendening@gmail.com
All money raised by the sale of these tracks will, after January 1, 2015 be donated via check in the name of Patty Beem to The House Of Compassion in Marshalltown IA. An organization my grandmother volunteered with and thought a lot of in her hometown that works with the elderly and homeless in the area. Donations are especially needed around the holidays and anything above and beyond the $5.00 minimum is appreciated.
I uploaded a quick video featuring samples of the 4 tracks. We hope you enjoy them and the love that went into recording them. Pass the word along, and have a great holiday.

Eddie Clendening in Moscow on 07/19/14

Moscow Russia 7:19:2014

Eddie Clendening in Jousta on 07/10/14

Eddie Clendening in Helsinki on 07/10/14

Eddie Clendening in Joensuu on 07/11/14

Eddie Clendening in Melbourne on 08/10/14

Eddie Clendening in Brisbane on 08/01/14

Eddie Clendening in Milwaukee on 02/21/14

Eddie Clendening in Milwaukee on 02/20/14

Eddie Clendening in Green Bay on 02/19/14